Guiding athletes on the journey to achieve their full potential in both sports and life.

I strive to help athletes find the constantly evolving balance of sport in their lives, and create lifelong, high performing, healthy, and happy athletes.

Find the balance


Performance to the best of our abilities.  As athletes, the most we can ask from ourselves is to give our best performance on any given day.  I am committed to helping athletes achieve their best and get the most out of themselves.  If we do this, there are no regrets or second thoughts.

Lifelong health and happiness
  • Balance.  It is vital for athletes to find the ever changing balance between sports and their personal lives.  One of the goals of my coaching is for athletic performance to become a positive influence on families, relationships, and careers.  
  • Our relationships with family and friends are vital to our happiness and success and longevity in sports.
  • Lifelong movement. Sustainable health and activity is crucial to our enjoyment of sport. 
  • Fun!